Glass & Window Services

Homeowners often find themselves with a house full of windows that are not operating correctly and assume the cheapest way or only way to fix the problem is through window replacement. This is simply not the case. Many common function issues can be fixed at a fraction of the cost to replace a window. We specialize in the repair of broken windows and sliding glass doors (patio doors) and we consult with our customers when we determine replacement is the best option.


Ask yourself the following questions. These are things we fix everyday!

Do your windows:

not open?
not close?
not stay up?
not lock?
leak air?
leak water?
leak sand?
screech when operated?

Is the glass in your windows:

mineral stained?
too hot?
too cold?
does the glass rattle?

Does your patio door:

not latch?
not slide?
leak air?
make noise?

Is the glass:

scratched from pets?
mineral stained?