Insect Screens

Screen repair and replacement is a common maintenance practice for most homes. In New Mexico many of us rely on evaporative cooling to cool our homes and window screens are a must when we vent our houses. We stock a full line of screen frame types and colors to match any age or type of window. Our screen mesh selection is just as vast. We stock the most economical fiberglass products all the way to solid copper mesh that will last over 50 years! All screens are custom made to your needed size and budget. One screen or one thousand, no job is too big or too small.

Screen Services:

Window Screen Services Available:
  • Screen mesh replacement in existing frames
  • Screen mesh and frame construction from  existing frames or measurements
  • Wood window screens
  • Steel casement window screens
  • Screens in non-rectangular shapes (triangles, arches, etc.)
  • Wood screen frame: screen replacement, frame repair, and reconstruction.
  • Screened in patio construction
  • And more! Just give us a call!
Screen Door Services Available:
  • Screen mesh replacement for:
    • sliding screen doors
    • hinged storm doors
    • wood doors
  • Sliding screen door wheel replacement
  • New sliding screen doors
  • New storm doors
  • Custom made screens for iron security door.

Tips for Screen Replacement:

    Screens are one of the hardest things for homeowner to measure, so it is best if you can keep the old frames no matter if they are bent or broken we can usually determine the original size. If the frames are missing or beyond recognition we can come out and measure them for you. If you have any questions please give us a call.