Wood Window Services

Wood windows require a greater level of attention to service than other types of windows. We stock the state’s largest selection of wood window parts and have established relationships with most of the major wood window manufactures to purchase their products.

Wood Window Repair Services:

Wood window repair:
  • Air and water leaking though window
  • Moisture or discoloration between glass
  • Broken or malfunctioning sash locks
  • Broken or malfunctioning crank operators
  • Weather strip replacement
  • Window will not open
  • Window will not stay open
  • Glazing bead falling out / hail damaged
  • Window makes noise when operated
  • Window is hard to move
  • Window frame is rotted
Wood door repair:
  • Air or water leaking through the door
  • Moisture or discoloration between glass
  • Door or frame rot
  • Malfunctioning multipoint locks
  • Worn or misaligned hinges
  • Weather strip replacement




Window brands we can repair: