Solar Screens

Are you tired of living in an oven?

Solar screens will cool you down and save you money!¬†Solar Screens also known as Sun Screens block more that 70% of the Sun’s energy that would normally pass through your window. They are installed over the outside of your windows using a method similar to the way a standard insect screen is installed. Since the product is externally mounted it stops the heat before it enters your home. External mounting is what makes Solar Screens so effective.

Many of our satisfied customers have experienced significant savings on their summer electrical bills, and agree that installing Solar Screens was the most effective home energy improvement they’ve made.

Are you…

Tired of hot rooms that just won’t cool down?

Tired of faded window treatments?

Tired of glare on TV and computer screens?

Tired of faded carpet?

Tired of art and furniture being destroyed by the sun?

Tired of blinds blocking your view?

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