Sliding Glass Door Repair

Repairing your sliding glass door (also known as patio door) is one of the most affordable home improvements. Many people put up with poorly operating sliding glass doors for too long and when we are done with our repairs they are astonished by how easy it is to operate their door. Homeowners will obsessively play with their “new” door as the technician packs up his tools.

Just like tires on your car, the wheels on your patio door wear out, and become misaligned. This problem is magnified when doors are allowed to drag and damage the track that the door rides on, this becomes a more expensive repair. Call us at the first sign of noise or resistance and you and your door will be happy for a long time.  

Sliding Glass Door Repair:

Reasons for sliding glass door repair:
  • Patio door not sliding
  • Patio door not locking
  • Wheels make awful noise when slid
  • Sliding glass door leaking excessive air
  • Glass scratched by pet
  • Mineral stains on glass.
Benefits of sliding glass door repair:
  • Allow easy access to your patio
  • Stop irreversible damage to door track
  • Increase the security of your home
  • Improve the appearance of your home
  • Increases the energy efficiency  of your window system

What to Expect from Sliding Glass Door Roller Repair:

  • When you call All-Pro Glass your window problem will be assessed over the phone, an estimate will be given and we will schedule an on-time appointment to repair your door.
  • On the day of your appointment one of our technicians will arrive and repair your door. This is usually the replacement of all the wheels, dry-lubrication of the weather seals, and the adjustment of the locking mechanism. Most doors are running great in less than an hour.
  • Our technicians carry dozens of wheel styles with them and can fix most doors in one trip.